Nature Reigns Health Tonic

"Health Tonic+ is an indigenous medicine that contains a combination of 13 plant extracts and organic essential oils that detox the body in high doses and supports the body’s innate healing ability in lower doses. It is used as a complimentary medicine, as a daily immune support product, as part of a cardiovascular health program and everything in between. It truly is a one-stop shop for increased health and fitness." -Nature Reigns


Additional Information

Intake Information: "Health Tonic+ can be taken by anyone from 5 years and older. Children age 5-10: mix 2.5ml of Health Tonic+ with half a cup of water or juice once a day. Children age 10-15: mix 5ml with 1 cup of water 1-2 times per day. Adults: Initial 3 bottle detox period: Take 10ml 3 times per day either in concentrated form or diluted with a glass of water or juice. Preventative: 5-10ml once a day Acute: 10ml 1-3 times a day" -Nature Reigns

Nature Reigns Health Tonic Therapy

"A highly advanced nano-suspension with ingredients that reach the cellular level of tissue. Health Tonic+ is a nano-blood-cleansing technique that removes toxins, supports your immune system, adjusts pH levels, cleanses your body at a cellular level, cleans your circulatory system and balances blood sugar and blood pressure. This indigenous medicine is a powerful blend of 13 medicinal plant extracts and organic essential oils. It contains 84 micro & macro nutrient electrolytes & purified water. With a pH level of 10.6, this product is designed to rid the body of cellular toxins and support the bodies innate healing ability." -Natrue Reigns

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