On-demand IV therapy
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Right after a teleconsultation, our highly-trained medical professionals would schedule a consultation with you either at your home or in our office. Then our licensed physicians would create a specially-formulated plan that would work just right to address your suffering. Let us deliver wellness at your doorstep.

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Our Team

  • Rachel Schlegel


    Rachel is an NREMT and patient care tech. She works directly with our patients in the clinic and also does outreach in between visits. Whether you call or come into the clinic Rachel will greet you.

Our services

  • General consultations

    IV infusions can aid your recovery, help you regain strength, and make you return to being you. The treatments are effective and safe. Start by scheduling a free consultation with our experts, browse the website for details, or call us.

  • At-home IV therapy procedures

    You can take advantage of our advanced infusion therapy methods from the comfort of your home. Feel free to schedule a consultation, and our medical experts would reach out to you and provide you the right treatment options.

  • In-clinic IV therapy procedures

    The specially-formulated vitamin and fluid-based solutions are injected into your bloodstream and result in several therapeutic benefits ranging from increased immune function, reduced stress, and improved energy. Our clinic is safe & hygienic to meet all your needs.

  • Anti-aging medicine

    No matter your age, let us help feel, look, and be your very best. The natural and unnatural aging process can be curbed with better gut health, regulated hormones, vitamin levels, and by reducing body fat. Our techniques help you feel younger and energized; we can help you return to a more youthful state. Opt for this unique perspective of the treatment and feel the difference.

  • Heavy metal detoxification

    The pollutants in the air, in our food, and even in the chemicals we use to clean our premises can be damaging to our health. Our procedures can remove the heavy metals from your body and help you live a symptom-free life. When you are free from toxins, you live longer too. The common metals that require detoxification include mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel, etc.

  • Weight loss

    Weight gain issues have been a source of mental agony for many. Those struggling to lose weight may have no doubt tried several dietary routines and workout schedules; the effects are mediocre most of the time. Contrary to traditionally-adopted ways, experts at Integrative Therapeutics identify the root cause of the problem and explore solutions that make you get a healthier, happier body and lifestyle.

  • Oral supplements including Vitamin C + Zinc

    During the initial consultation, a discussion on the available treatments would happen wherein our experts would also talk about medical marijuana and its benefits. There is a variety of treatment options available as per your needs. Supplementing with vitamins C and Zinc is a great way to boost your immunity and prevent illness.

  • Regenerative medicine

    This is the future, experience the benefits of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine at integrative therapeutics. Those who might feel the benefits of the stem cell therapies include those with spinal cord injuries, type 1 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, stroke, burns, cancer, and osteoarthritis.

  • IV is prepared to meet the challenges of today’s lifestyles

    2021 is the year of altered lifestyles, great stress, and uncertainty. This time has been more of mayhem for our bodies. Pandemic at large, health and wellness has been a matter of concern for busy, successful people on-the-go. IV therapy could effectively address wellness issues from the privacy of your home or any location. Make visits to medical facilities and opting for oral remedies a thing of the past.

  • IV therapy: the midas touch

    Experts at IV.care were able to understand the needs and requirements of those looking for the therapy. The desired results and boosted health could be achieved with descreetness and quick long-lasting results. This aids recovery and delivers wellness benefits like rehydrating and cleansing the body.

  • It’s always about quality & care here

    Right from the start, IV.care has provided high-quality, effective, and safe infusion therapy solutions for the customers. The experienced and trusty medical professionals are very much concerned about keeping your good health. The tested infusion therapies can help treat ailments such as flu, hangover, and energy depletion. In addition, the infusion of vitamins directly into the bloodstream can make you feel the best quickly.

  • On-demand medical house calls, your comfort

    Be it your home, a relaxing hotel, or a private office, the infusion therapy professionals would visit you to administer the IV dose discreetly. Be confident with your treatment and take the right step forward to become physically and mentally healthy with our prompt and reasonably-priced IV wellness solutions.

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