Reign Drops

"Reign Drops is a mineral water concentrate that contains 84 Himalayan minerals. This mineral water is an electrolyte hydration solution, or structured water. Use can result in relief from constipation, relief from IBS, hydrated blood cells, relief from headaches, relief from PMS cramps, improved circulation, and increased electrical conductivity in the body." -Nature Reigns

Additional Information

"Just add 12 drops to 8oz of drinking water to provide an instant boost in energy and hydration. The ultimate hydration solution!" -Nature Reigns

Reign Drops Therapy

"* This product can also be added to alcoholic beverages to decrease or eliminate hangovers. Alternatively if you have not put the drops in your beverage, put 15-20 drops in a glass of water after consuming alcohol, or the next morning." -Nature Reigns



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